Grammy award winner and acclaimed actor Tim McGraw partnered with fitness industry leader, Snap Fitness, to develop a custom line of boutique fitness clubs, called TRUMAV Fitness. The flagship club, owned by fitness entrepreneur Wirth Campbell, is slated to open in Nashville in December.

Snap Fitness, led by Peter Taunton and based out of Chanhassen, MN, announced a two-year partnership with Tim McGraw in 2017 that included the development of a custom-designed fitness club franchise.

McGraw’s personal fitness transformation lies at the heart of TRUMAV, a concept designed to reflect the straightforward, independent style he brings to all his projects, music or otherwise. Using his own passion for fitness and a team of experts in the field, McGraw worked with Snap Fitness to design the gym.  TRUMAV was created to provide the tools and inspiration to help people take ownership of their fitness goals so they may lead a healthier life for themselves and those they love.

TRUMAV Fitness is unique in that it will provide instructional exercise classes and a personal boutique fitness space. Members can work out on their own, with a trainer, or in a group class setting. Each club will include custom equipment and programs based on Snap Fitness’s 25-year fitness expertise and Tim McGraw’s personal workout routines. Each club features two signature workouts, TRUFIT and TRUPOWER. Both deliver full body results with a standalone group training experience that focuses on heart rate training through wearable technology. TRUFIT is the standard high energy 45-minute workout and is designed to increase your metabolic rate post workout helping you continue to burn calories throughout the day. TRUPOWER is an elite level workout that TRUMAVs can test into, lasting 35 minutes and following a variety of military-based fitness scenarios that are completed as a team.

TRUMAV Fitness will open in Nashville’s Gulch and will be operated by co-owner and Nashville resident, Wirth Campbell. Wirth grew up in Nashville playing football for Ensworth High School and continued on to play for Auburn University. He is currently a cast member of the reality show “Very Cavallari,” which originally aired on the E! Network in the summer of 2018.

“Physical fitness is something I value – it can help you lead your best life,” said McGraw. “Working out becomes a habit when it’s an easy part of your every day. That’s why I’ve partnered with Snap Fitness to create TRUMAV. We want to help you find what works for your fitness goals and give you a community that can inspire you to achieve them.”


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